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The Green Corner

Think Green

Ever thought about what happens behind the seen when you support a business?

We are committed to looking after the environment as a business, always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

In 2008 we were part of a pilot study conducted by Latrobe University to assess our environmental footprint. The study showed that although we were doing comparatively well, that there was room for improvement. This cemented our commitment to going green and striving to do things better.

Some of our initiatives include:

Dentists for cleaner water

  • Do you know what happens to the heavy metals in fillings when they disappear in the dental suction? Unless you have a heavy metal separator these metals including Mercury will find their way back into our rivers and lakes. Many Scandinavian countries have made separators mandatory in an effort to stop such environmental pollution. A study in 2007 showed that only about 1-2% of dental practices in Australia had installed heavy mental separators.


The use of natural light

  • You may notice that in some rooms we do not need to turn lights on during the day thanks to the building design and the use of natural light

The use of energy saver lights

  • All our lighting is now energy efficient lighting

Solar driven ventilation system

  • This system reduces our need to use heating or cooling by extracting hot air in summer and bringing in filtered heated air in winter

Our funky hand dryer

  • Our hand dryer used 80% less energy than the average hand dryer. Drying your hands in 10 seconds flat (feel free to test it) More importantly, it reduces our need to use paper towels

Recycling of packaging waste

  • We have six bins types in our practice. Sharps bin Infectious bin Sanitary bin Cardboard bin General recycling bin General waste bin

Zoning of our heating and cooling

  • We are able to heat and cool many rooms independently reducing the overall energy consumption

Electric timers

  • Ensure we have minimal standby electricity usage